FHM's April Idol Bea Valera Is The Perfect Summer Siren

The EDM singer makes hearts joyfully sing this month

By Chise Alcantara

Summer's here, the most awaited season for most guys. It's the best time to escape from the monotony that is work, and the best time to showcase those washboard abs you've been working for all year long. And what are those abs for? For attracting the ladies, that's for sure.


Because what if you chance upon Bea Valera at the beach this year? The young singer lives for the beach, and is a regular at music festivals such as Summer Siren. Just to acquaint you better, check out her work with rapper Ron Henley:

This month, you'll definitely get to see more of her as she becomes your FHM Idol for April. Let this beach buddy with one heck of a beach body show you how to make awesome summer memories by getting to know Bea a little bit better in our interview below. At the same time, learn how to have the most memorable, Instagram-worthy summer you’ve always wanted.

What’s the vibe performing at a beach concert?

I actually perform at a beach festival called Summer Siren every year. My first big performance was at the beach so it was pretty memorable and is actually my favorite place to perform at. Everyone is always in such a good mood and even if I mess up a bit, people don't mind because they're having so much fun, so it takes a lot of pressure off me so I can just have fun, ha ha!


Do you think people tend to act differently while they’re on vacation?

They're interesting. Personally, I think I'm a lot different on vacation. I think it's because I'm trying to make the most out of every moment before I have to come back home. I notice other people are the same too. I try to do things I normally wouldn't do when I'm home. Like, I'd never watch TV on vacation but I always do at home!

So what crazy stuff have you done?

Get really wasted. Ha ha! I'm not a party girl despite my work and I don't go out a lot so it's a big deal for me when that happens. I'm usually the one taking care of everyone else!


Really? We thought you would probably love partying around with people because of your job?

Me too! I tried going out to clubs when I was just starting out [in the EDM scene] but I would always end up going home before one in the morning, ha ha! Though, I do love performing at beaches, but I'm really shy and quiet so I end up people watching a lot. When I watch guys, they're usually surfer/wake boarder types, which is weird because I only find them attractive while I'm out of town, ha ha!


What’s your idea of a good summer outing?

A couple of months ago, I went on a backpacking trip with a friend for the very first time and now I'm just dying to go on one again! But for a weekend trip, I'm good with a few friends, good food, cold beer, and music at someplace where there aren’t lots of people. I try to stay away from resorts and places like that because I feel like I have to act fancy.


Where's your favorite summer destination?

San Juan, La Union! My mom grew up there. It's kind of weird because now it's considered a "hip" place. But to me it's just home.


How's it like living there?

Before it was really quiet and simple. There was nothing much to do and everyone knew each other. It's so different now; it's crazy. I heard a "superclub" just opened by the beach.


So you’re probably a certified beach bum.

My friends and I try to go whenever we can. We just lay around, grill and drink beer. I can't say I'm a beach bum though. Takot pa rin ako sa araw! Ha ha!


So you're the type of person who brings umbrellas to the beach?

No naman. I just look for the nearest tree.


Besides going to the beach what other activities are there to do in La Union?

My friend has ATVs that we always borrow. We just drive around at night through the smaller towns. It's just chill. Oh, and before that there used to be a dirt bike trail but it's gone now…

Complete this sentence: For a vacation to be memorable, I need to have…

It's a very millennial thing to say and I hate to say it but I have to get good photos. If I wasn't feeling a trip, I wouldn't take a single shot. I don't want to remember those trips at all.


So a singer/song writer AND a photographer?

I'm not the best photographer but I'm surrounded with people who are. I went to Cambodia recently and feeling ko magaling na ako pero sa totoo lang maganda lang talaga yung lugar! My Instagram feed is a mess because I like too many things and they kind of clash. But as individual shots, I think they're decent.


Do you enjoy traveling to other countries and taking photos or do you just like exploring the Philippines?

I feel like I enjoy other countries more because I don't get to do that a lot but I also have a lot of fun here. But I'd also love to visit Batanes soon! I heard it's beautiful!


Do you have any beach buddy-advice for people who want to spend their vacation at the beach?

Don’t think about how you'll look on the beach so much and just enjoy it! A lot of people say that they don't enjoy going to the beach because they're not comfortable shirtless or in bikinis. I was like that before but when I found out that people don't really care about these things I had sooo~ much more fun because I paid less attention to what strangers on the beach think of me. And also, albeit totally unrelated but really important—leave the beach the way you came. Don't trash it. That way you won't be guilty when you finally return home!

Source : FHM

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